Product Description

Smart usability to drive performance

Meet XGEO GF50, the essential Digital Radiography for your facility that can satisfy your needs for a great performance at an improved bottom line. Designed to fit even in tight spaces, the compact digital radiography (DR) system will provide you with high-quality, reliable output while helping you reduce diagnosis time through easy and fast operation. By constantly monitoring the system’s condition, XGEO GF50 will help you keep up the best performance to provide quality patient care at all times.

FPD (Flat Panel Detector)

The ultrasensitive FPD (Flat Panel Detector) with Samsung Electronics’ outstanding image processing engine improves patient safety and reliability of diagnoses by acquiring high-resolution images with very small amounts of radiation.
The compact, light-weighted, and portable detector will provide a better medical environment by improving user convenience and the efficiency of work.

**XGEO GF50 is the first floor-mounted system equipped with a wireless detector.

(GF50: 1 wireless detector)

Outstanding Post Image Processing Technology ALCOS
(Adaptive Local COntrast Stretching)

ALCOS is an outstanding post image processing technology that automatically determines suitable image conditions depending on the target body parts and tissues. This proprietary technology provides qualified images for diagnoses by applying high resolution image contrast and edge sharpness enhancement functions.
Users can acquire more accurate imaging data at a faster speed, which ultimately leads to a highly productive medical environment.


1. Adaptive Multi-Scale Processing

Adaptive Multi-Scale Processing adjusts multiple frequency levels depending on the target body parts or tissues. It prevents frequency breakdown performance from dropping in lower levels and maintains highly accurate images. Dropping in lower levels and maintains highly accurate images.


2. SDR(Smart Dynamic Range)

With the SDR, the user such as radiologist can simultaneously read both region of interest and under-penetrated area.


3. SCE(Smart Contrast Enhancement)

Contrast of the ROI is extremely enhanced without noise amplification. Noise of the thick region is extremely reduced without contrast degradation.

Portable, Easy & Versatile Wireless Detector

XGEO’s innovative wireless technology provides the ultimate convenience to doctors and patients alike. The XGEO Wireless Detector comes in the same size as the film, with a CR cassette making it easy to quickly convert analog X-ray or CR into a DR.

Auto Tracking

Auto-tracking enables the table detector to synchronize with the movement of the THU, bringing convenience to the diagnosis by eliminating additional adjustments in the imaging process.

4-Way table

The 4-way table can be adjusted in four directions along the x and y axes to accommodate various physical attributes of patients and situations. With extended flexibility of table movement in any of the four directions, immobile or severly injured patients can be positioned for scanning with greater ease.
*Optional 6-way table is also available

Foot Switch sensor

The foot switch sensor detects the user’s foot motions, enabling convenient operation of the table top without a physical foot switch. Without a foot switch protruding from the table, the system decreases concern for malfunctions that may result from patients accidently stepping on the switch.

Intuitive GUI & AUI

The integrated UI (User Interface) used in the THU (Tube Head Unit) and simple and intuitive GUI (Graphical User Interface) makes it easier to use and understand the equipment, providing high levels of ease and convenience. Various elements of AUI (Audio User Interface), corresponding with the THU’s movement, provide an intuitive user experience. In addition the XGEO GF50 is designed in a refined and elegant mann

Exceptional Image Quality & only
3 Seconds Preview Time

The XGEO GF50 provides exceptional image quality while minimizing dose to the patient. Industry leading post processing technology allows for image preview in only 3 seconds!
Quick diagnosis improves user throughput, and ensures the best communication with patients.


Customer satisfaction will be high due to the compact design (35 x 43 cm & 3.2 kg) and simplified workflow. Efficiency is improved because the battery time is up to 30 minutes in battery charger mode, and up to 60 minutes in tethered mode, allowing the detector to be operated continuously.