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Truly Premier

Redefining premium ultrasound

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Medical Devices

Samsung medical devices are easy to use,
fast-working and accurate

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for Healthcare

In healthcare's changing world,
Samsung medical devices use the latest technology

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Samsung technologies help your quality of life
as well as health

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Samsung Ultrasound Systems


“The Samsung ultrasounds are great value for money. I now have 4 systems that offer amazing images. The new technology allows for quick and easy diagnosis and the machines are very reliable.”

Shamir IshakPark Road Radiology

“The A30 has excellent image resolution and is extremely user friendly. Definitely recommend this ultrasound machine.”

Dr Shannon Reid

“The quality of 2D greyscale imaging is superb with the Samsung XG, i think it is second to none in the industry .”

Prof Jon Hyett

“I’m impressed with the quality of the machine, especially in gynaecology and early pregnancy.”

Prof George Condous