How do I know which ultrasound to buy?
It all depends on what you require for your practice. Will you need 3D/4D functions? Do you want something portable? Our sales specialists will ask you a series of questions and will help choose the right system for you.

What type of probes will I need?
The type of probe you will need depends on the applications you will be using.

Do you cover applications training?
We provide training for 1 day, training on how to use the machine, depending on your needs.

Is there warranty on purchased systems?
Yes, there is 12 months warranty on all purchased systems. Extended warranty can be purchased separately

What does warranty cover?
The 12 month warranty covers the whole system including probes.

Can I purchase an external monitor?
External monitors can be purchased at any electronic goods store. Additional cables will need to be purchased.

How often should I get my ultrasound serviced?
It is recommended to service your ultrasound annually.

What type of technical support will I receive?
We have service technicians in all states of Australia and NZ. Support will be provided on the day or next available day.

How long does shipping take?
If we have stock within our warehouse, delivery usually takes 1-2 weeks. If there is no stock then shipping usually takes 6 weeks.

Do you provide financing options?
Yes, we can refer you to our affiliates for financing.