Product Description

Breaking the time-held concept that medical equipment must be heavy and difficult to use, the UGEO H60 effectively implements superior performance along with new design principles of simplicity, lightness and versatility allowing easy operation in small spaces. Its distinctive styling features a high glossy surface, 10.1″ touch screen and slim body are part of our company’s devotion to applying practical and usable ideas. The UGEO H60 also includes the 18.5″ LED monitor that provides high resolution images and imaging performance has improved thanks to the new cutting-edge hybrid engine



System platform


  • 18.5 inch LED monitor
  • Digital TGC
  • 10.1 inch touchscreen
  • Ergonomic customizable user menu
  • Cart has 3 probe port extension
  • Slim and compact design
  • 4 active probe ports
  • Printer storage
  • Optional gel warmer
  • Lift/rotating control panel
  • 4 swivel wheels

Premium technology

  • Needle mate
  • Single crystal probe technology
  • 2D/3D/4D
  • Colour Doppler
  • Pulsed wave
  • Advanced measurement packages
  • Beam steering
  • Quickscan
  • Hybrid beamforming engine
  • S-Flow
  • SDMR
  • Full suite of 3D technology
  • Elastoscan



  • DICOM 3.0
  • USB ports
  • USB printer
  • Backup, export, transfer
  • USB flash memory
  • HDMI output
  • Sonoview

Hybrid Beamforming Engine

The Hybrid Beamforming Engine, with its enhanced hardware and newly added software, enables more indepth and detailed scanning. The result of this is improved color performance. Hybrid Beamforming, also known as spatial filtering, offers greater flexibility than standard omnidirectional reception and transmission. The key benefit is its ability to adapt its response to different situations, which leads to optimised processing. Data can therefore be analysed and processed more rapidly and accurately leading to more timely and confident diagnosis.




UGEO H60 offers practictioners cutting edge technology for rapid and precise diagnostic procedures, resulting in a significantly improved patient experience. The innovative SDMR™ from Samsung delivers enhanced 2D image quality at high resolution with an increase in edge enhancement and a reduction in speckle noise artefact. DMR Plus™ 2.2 combined with Speckle Reduction Imaging and an improved Lateral Resolution benefit your organisation through an increase in accuracy, for confident diagnostic results.



The UGEO H60 will provide your organisation with advanced color flow imaging combined with a sophisticated level of sensitivity with directional information. S-Flow™ equips the Samsung UGEO H60 with the ability to perform low speed blood detection for peripheral vessels such as kidney and MCA. The lifelike hemodynamic flow ensures a high sensitivity, powerful Doppler performance. The UGEO H60’s S-Flow™ facilitates scanning even in technically difficult diagnostic situation, leading to an increase in accuracy and resulting in an improved service for your patients.


Beam Steering

The UGEO H60 uses integrated Beam Steering technology for enhanced needle detection performance, resulting in improved accuracy in clinical procedures. Easy needle detection improves accuracy in biopsy procedures based on advanced technologies. This enables fast and accurate diagnosis for an optimised clinical workflow which allows your organisation to provide patients with increased safety during treatment. This leads to enhanced clinician confidence and an improved patient experience.


Volume NT & IT™

Volume NT & IT™ is the latest tool for undertaking NT(Nuchal Translucency) and IT(Intracranial Translucency) examinations. This innovative new 3D technology enables clinicians to detect the true mid-sagittal view from 3D data, combining it with an automated NT and IT measurement. The technology facilitates scanning and capturing the mid-sagittal plane during the first trimester to easily define the region of the NT and IT for measurement, leading to increased accuracy in foetal diagnosis at an earlier stage


3D eXtended Imaging™ (3D XI™)

3D eXtended Imaging™ ( 3D XI™) is comprised of a suite of three innovative imaging applications: Multi-Slice View™, Oblique View™ and Volume CT™. Each of these performs specific imaging tasks and combine to give a more comprehensive and holistic overview. This technology allows complete and precise control over 3D/4D volume data manipulation. The enhanced clarity that this brings to the images enables your organisation to offer maximum diagnostic accuracy and a more comprehensive service to your patients


Enhanced 4D Imaging

The UGEO H60 enables a much higher level of diagnostic accuracy than previous models. By incorporating realistic 4D imaging, this innovative technology delivers optimised results in a variety of applications. This increases user confidence and leads to a more informed decision-making process for medical professionals. The enhanced image quality comes at no expense to the unit’s overall mobility.


Spatial Compounding Image™ (SCI™)

Spatial Compounding Image™ (SCI™) by Samsung controls ultrasound beams electronically by steering. SCI compounds many scan lines to deliver a significantly improved definition in soft tissue planes, combined with a dramatic reduction in speckle and other noise. The marked improvement in detail, compared with Samsung conventional equipment, ensures rapid diagnosis with higher levels of accuracy even in technically difficult patients. More accurate results lead to an increase in clinician confidence and therefore an enhanced service for patients.



QuickScan™ has been designed to maximise workflow efficiency by automatically optimising key imaging parameters at the touch of a button. The resulting increase in efficiency allows your organisation to offer patients an improved service with faster and more accurate diagnosis. This reliable and safe system helps your clinic or hospital to deliver a superior patient experience


18.5-inch LED monitor and Touch Screen

The UGEO H60 features an 18.5-inch monitor with a wide view angle. This technology provides your organisation with high contrast resolution for clearer and sharper image expression. Sporting the same display panel as the Galaxy Tab 10.1, one of the world’s best tablet PCs in terms of resolution, the touch screen offers extreme flexibility combined with convenience in use. The reduction in power consumption is an added extra that will deliver increased efficiency without compromising on image quality.


Digital TGC Preset

Digital TGC Preset allows operators to create and save images easily and quickly for an increased efficiency in workflow. Digital TGC ensures intelligent key allocation and intuitive usability leading to increased clinical confidence for practitioners. The ability to create and save digital presets with a clear image thumbnail brings speed and flexibility to your organisation’s clinical procedures. The touch screen saves time and maximises convenience to allow rapid results in the diagnostic process.


Customisable Touch Menu

The fully customisable touch screen menu with anti-scratch technology and the high level sensitivity of the UGEO H60 ensures accuracy for practitioners. The multi-touch screen allows users of the UGEO H60 to position and edit the parameters and measurement menus for a more flexible solution in a clinical environment. The edit function maximises the monitor’s screen usability, leading to an improvement in workflow which will enable your organisation to offer patients an enhanced clinical experience.


Users’ Customisable Keys

The UGEO H60 features 6 user-programmable keys to maximise usability and enhance your organisation’s workflow. These are fully customisable to offer short cuts, saving time when choosing functions. This added enhancement to the system will provide easier and faster diagnostic procedures, resulting in an increase in clinical confidence for practitioners. The UGEO H60 will provide your organisation with a flexible and user-friendly solution for diagnostics.



Volume Probes

probe1 3D2-6
Abdomen, Gynecology, OB
Center frequency: 3.1MHz
Field of view:84°
probe2 VE4-8
Abdomen, OB, Gynecology
Center Frequency: 4.4MHz
Field of view:85
probe3 3D4-9
OB, Abdomen, Gynecology
Center Frequency: 6.3MHz
Field of view:145°

 Linear Probes

probe4 LF5-13
Musculoskeletal, Small
Parts, Vascular Abdomen
Center frequency: 8.7MHz
Field of view: 44mm
probe5 L5-13
Musculoskeletal, Small
Parts, Vascular
Center frequency: 8.0MHz
Field of view: 38.4mm

CW Pencil Type Probes

probe6 CW2.0
Application: Cardiac
Center frequency: 2.0MHz
Field of view: 38.4mm
probe7 CW4.0
Application: Cardiac
Center frequency: 4.0MHz

Convex Probes

probe8 C2-8
Abdomen, OB, Gynecology
Center frequency: 4.9MHz
Field of view: 68°
probe8 CS1-4
Abdomen, OB, Gynecology
Center frequency: 3.2MHz
Field of view: 88°
probe9 CF2-8
Abdomen, OB, Gynecology
Center frequency: 4.4MHz
Field of view: 58°
probe10 CF4-9
Pediatric, abdomen, Gyn, Paediatric
Center frequency: 5.8MHz
Field of view: 92°

Endo Cavity Probes

probe11 EVN4-9
Gynecology, OB, Urology
Center frequency: 6.5MHz
Field of view: 148
probe12 ER4-9
Gynecology, OB, Urology
Center frequency: 6.6MHz
Field of view: 148

Phased Array Probes

probe13 PE2-4
Cardiac, Abdomen, TCD
Center frequency: 2.5MHz
Field of view: 90°
probe14 P2-4BA
Cardiac, Abdomen, TCD
Center frequency: 5.25MHz
Field of view: 90°

Abdomen Liver Renal Adult echo Vascular CCA