Product Description

Revolutionary Unit with Top Image Quality

MySono U6 provides the ultimate in content optimisation for a portable system. Its vastly improved resolution allows you to provide the most accurate clinical outcomes.

System platform

  • One board system
  • Multi beam processing
  • 15” LED monitor
  • 1 probe port
  • 2D imaging
  • 3D/4D imaging
  • Colour Doppler
  • Pulsed wave Doppler


  • Compact and lightweight – its 5.5kg weight makes it compact and easy to carry
  • Ergonomic design – major key functions are grouped under the palm of your hand for maximum efficiency and applied ergonomics.
  • High resolution 15 inch monitor – delivers superb image quality
  • Backlit keyboard and control panel – allows users to work in dark surroundings

Uncompromising image quality

  • SRF™ (Speckle Reduction Filter)  – Samsung Medison’s innovative SRF algorithm makes speckle noise a thing of the past
  • Quickscan – provides automatic image optimization at the push of a button
  • Dynamic MR +2.0 – The powerful DMR+2.0 software improve contrast resolution, enabling you to see a subtle difference in tissue.
  • Tissue Harmonic Imaging & Pulse Inversion Harmonics
  • Synthetic Aperture
  • Auto IMT™ speeds up IMT measurement of the Common Carotid Artery for early diagnosis of increased risk of stroke and heart attack
  • Full measurement packages including cardiac

3D/4D performance

  • 3D/4D – 3D XI™ (3D eXtended Imaging) – 3D XI comprises three innovative imaging applications, Multi-Slice View, Oblique view and Volume CT. These imaging applications offer complete and precise control over 3D/4D volume data manipulation and maximum 3D/4D accuracy
  • VCE (Volume contrast enhanced)
  • Live 4D

Smaller, faster, simpler

  • Advanced vascular package
  • Full vascular measurement package
  • High-performance linear probes
  • Ergonomic control panel

Deliver care anywhere

  • Lightweight
  • Compact carry case
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Instant-on


  • DICOM 3.0
  • USB 2.0
  • Wireless connectivity options

MySono U6 can receive DICOM patient lists and send data through wired and wireless connections to PACS or image archives.

  • Sonoview

allows for seamless integration with image archive systems or hospital PACS
Standby mode – Simply opening the cover in standby mode allows complete operation within seconds.



Cart – a smart portable design with a shelf to store a printer. There are front and rear handles for improved mobility. It is available with and without 2 probe ports.

Compact Design


MySono U6 is a smart and lightweight ultrasound system that can be easily transported, operated, and stored. It packs an abundance of power into a slim casing to create the ultimate in portability at just 5.6kg. The ergonomic design guarantees efficiency and user comfort, while the front and back handles allow easy mobility. MySono U6’s full color, backlit LED keyboard and control panel enables operation in dark surroundings while the high resolution 15-inch LCD monitor with LED backlight delivers superb image quality leading to increased accuracy in clinical diagnostics.

Dynamic MR+2.0™


The powerful Dynamic MR+2.0™ (DMR Plus) improves the contrast resolution of ultrasound images to offer superior image quality. Dynamic MR+2.0™ is a noise reduction filter that increases edge enhancement to produce sharper 2D images, enabling clinicians to see subtle differences in tissue. The resulting refinement in image quality delivers an improvement in performance which leads to increased accuracy and confidence in diagnostic practice, enabling your organisation to provide a reliable, fast and efficient service.

Speckle Reduction Filter™(SRF™)


Speckle noise is a granular noise that increases the mean grey level of a local area. Reduction of this is vital for accurate image interpretation. Samsung’s innovative Speckle Reduction Filter™ (SRF™) improves image quality by reducing or eliminating the unnecessary echoes from ultrasound images. Flexibility is enhanced by the ability of the user to select the degree to which the reduction is implemented, enabling greater control of the Process.

3D eXtended Imaging™ (3D XI™)


The 3D XI™ comprises a suite of three innovative imaging applications to bring cutting edge technology to your organisation. Multi-Slice View™, Oblique View™ and Volume CT™ combine to offer medical practitioners complete control of 3D and 4D volume data manipulation to ensure maximum diagnostic accuracy. The ease and convenience that this offers enables increased precision in diagnoses, promoting confidence in users and clients alike.

Spatial Compound Imaging™ (SCI™)


Spatial Compounding Image™ (SCI™) controls ultrasound beams electronically by steering. SCI™ compounds numerous scan lines to deliver significantly clearer definition in soft tissue planes, with reduced speckle and other noise. The improvement enables more rapid diagnosis with higher levels of accuracy which leads to increased confidence and an improved service for your patients.



QuickScan™ feature provides healthcare organisations with automatic image optimisation at the touch of a button. The ability to offer rapid diagnostic procedures with higher levels of accuracy is further enhanced by a reduction in interpretation errors.

Enhanced 4D Imaging


MySono U6 enables a much higher level of diagnostic accuracy than previous models. By incorporating realistic 4D imaging, this innovative technology delivers optimised results in a variety of applications. This increases user confidence and leads to a more informed decision-making process for medical professionals. The enhanced image quality comes at no expense to the unit’s overall mobility, which is ensured by the convenient Hand-Carried Ultrasound (HCU) feature.

Full measurement package / Cardiac measurement package


MySono U6 provides a full measurement package that equips clinicians with an invaluable range of general tools for increased accuracy and flexibility in diagnostic procedures. Offering a complete range of Cardiac, Gynaecology, Obstetrics, MSK, Paediatric and Vascular measurements, the MySono U6 provides a highly comprehensive and versatile solution that maximises efficiency and reduces uncertainty in clinical situations.

Auto IMT™


Auto IMT™ represents a quick, fully automated method for measuring the Intima-Media Thickness (IMT) of the common carotid artery. This technology enables clinicians to more readily identify patients who are at high risk of arterial disease. Integration of this systematic procedure results in higher levels of diagnostic accuracy, improving patient safety and service.

Convex probes:

accuvix_a30_probes_04_012 C2-5
Centre frequency: 3.5MHz
Radius of curvature: 40mm
Application: Abdomen, OB, Gynaecology
accuvix_a30_probes_04_012 C2-8
Centre frequency: 4.6MHz
Radius of curvature: 51mm
Application: Abdomen, OB, Gynaecology
accuvix_a30_probes_04_022 C4-9
Centre frequency: 6.5MHz
Radius of curvature: 10mm
Application: Paediatric, Neonatal, Abdomen, Vascular

Endocavity probes:

accuvix_a30_probes_05_022 EVN4-9
Centre frequency: 6.7MHz
Radius of curvature: 10mm
Application: Urology, OB, Gynaecology

Linear Probes:

accuvix_a30_probes_02_012 LN5-12
Centre frequency: 7.5MHz
Radius of curvature: flat
Application: Musculoskeletal, Small parts, Vascular

Volume Probes:

  • Volume Endocavity Probe
accuvix_a30_probes_032 3D4-9
Centre frequency: 3.5MHz
Radius of curvature: 40mm
Application: Urology, OB, Gynaecology
  • Volume Convex Probe
accuvix_a30_probes_022 3DC2-6
Centre frequency: 3.8MHz
Radius of curvature: 40mm
Application: Abdomen, OB, Gynaecology

Continuous Wave Probes:

accuvix_a30_probes_03_012 CW 2.0
Centre frequency: 2.0MHz
App: Cardiac


accuvix_a30_probes_06_012 P2-4
Centre frequency: 3.0MHz
App: Cardiac, Paediatric Cardiac,
TCD, Abdomen

u6-slide-1 u6-slide-2 u6-slide-3 u6-slide-4 u6-slide-5 u6-slide-6 u6-slide-7 u6-slide-8 u6-slide-9 u6-slide-10