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Some Applications

Aesthetic Medicine

Wrinkles/ folds


Skin tightening

Skin rejuvenation


Strech marks/Cellulite

Pre- & post-treatments by aesthetic surgery

    Dermatological Treatments

    Acne/ Acne scars

    Atopic dermatitis


    Hypertrophic scars

    Ulcus cruris


      Wellcomet   LDM-Triple


      Triple-success technology



      The LDM Triple device differs significantly from conventional ultrasound devices by its world-wide unique tripleultrasound wave (triple LDM®) and is used in aesthetic medicine and dermatology. It can be used all year round and can be easily combined with a variety of existing treatment methods on the market. 

      The special ultrasound waves of the LDM Triple can also be used as a supportive treatment at wrinkle injections and as a pre- and postoperative measure in aesthetic plastic surgery. The ultrasound technologies used in this device, such as the 10 or 19 MHz, LDM® and the triple LDM® technology, can intensify and visibly improve the treatment results of your customers. 

      Once tested, your customers will be amazed by the innovative triple LDM® effect! 


      Revolutionary 19 MHz ultrasound combined with two unique triple waves 

      Request a demonstration or more information, please send email to [email protected]